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On this page we offer links to resources you can use to help you learn more about how God has shaped and is still shaping you to fulfill your unique purpose in life. Spiritual gifts and personality type strongly affect how and where we can most effectively serve God and others.

Spiritual Gifts Tools

Find Your Spiritual Gifts: Click Here for an online spiritual gifts assessment tool that will help you find how you can most effectively serve God. Click here  to download a mini-course on spiritual gifts which contains the assessment and in-depth teaching on spiritual gifts.

Dancing With Your Gifts: Click here to download a similar assessment developed for youth, although many adults find it helpful. This one you will need to download, complete and score on your own.

Personality Type Tools

Use either of these free online tools to learn about your personality type. Or if you like you can use both and compare results.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter: click here to be connected to keirsey.com, where you can take the “KTS-II” and find out about your personality type. You will need to register on the site.

Jung Typology Test: click here to be connected to humanmetrics.com, where you can take a similar free personality survey and find out about your personality type. No registration required, so you can remain anonymous.